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Media & communications

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600,000 €

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4 %

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21,410 €

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0 €

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21,410 €

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Adverticum Inc

Short introduction

Hungary’s market leader ad serving solution

Company profile

Adverticum AdServer is a complex but easy to use cost-efficient ad serving solution that minimizes the campaign administration and maximizes the inventory monetization. Hungary’s market leader ad serving solution has almost 15-year-old professional experience and it serves 16 billion ads a month to the computer of almost 5 million internet users in Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Croatia. The development of Adverticum AdServer works out by harmonizing global market trends and local client needs. Adverticum is engaged in providing great product support and in fulfilling unique

Description of main products, services, capabilities

Adverticum AdServer is an independent third party ad serving platform that helps managing your campaigns, optimizing your inventory and analyzing the results to maximize advertising revenue.Maximize efficiency and revenues with Adverticum AdServer! Its main parameters are scalable pricing based on the usage, without fixed costs, online access to the administration interface, no need to install any hardware or software component, web, mobile and video campaigns are manageable on a joint interface, monitoring and managing the available inventory, 99,5% Service Level Agreement and 0–24 support in English and Hungarian. The AdServer’s targeting options are geoIP targeting, custom targeting for the media owner’s user database, targeting to mobile platforms, conversion tracking and retargeting. 

Already existing export markets (regions, countries)

East Central Europe (V4)
Western Europe

New business sought (regions, countries)

East Central Europe (V4)
Western Europe

Description of the cooperation requested

The objective of Adverticum is to find technologically suitable potential partners who are working in online marketing technologies and have their own developed technological solutions and significant developing experiences in the newest online platforms like the programmatic buying and the real-time bidding (RTB) systems. 

Description of the main advantage the company could offer to a potential partner

Adverticum has more than 12-year-experience in the online ad serving technology and marketing leading in the Hungarian market, but is open and flexible enough to be able to expand into other regions with its developing experiences, and is open to explore new technologies to preserve its significant position in the online market.

Contact information

Address:1118 Budapest,
Ugron Gábor 35.
Telephone:+36 1 2483230
Telephone 2:+36 1 2483250
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Languages:hungarian, english
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