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Company activities

Application development
Cloud computing solutions
Consultancy & training
M2M communications

Application areas


Year of establishment


Number of employees


Year of turnover data



384,800 €

Software sales revenue

0 €

Service sales revenue

384,800 €


28 %

Net export sales

106,900 €

Software export revenue

0 €

Service export revenue

106,900 €

Value of imports

0 €

Foreign capital ratio

0 %

VAT number


AENSys Informatikai Kft.

Short introduction

We are a software development company with competences in M2M technologies. 



Company profile

AENSys Informatics Ltd (AENSys stands for Ambient Embedded Networked Systems) has active researches in the area of M2M (machine to machine) communication. The result of the research activities are being used in different industrial projects, or during development of own products.

As an official spin-off company of University of Szeged we conduct common researches in different software development areas to fulfil the needs of our customers with innovative products or services.

Description of main products, services, capabilities

Gremon – Greenhouse workflow monitoring system

The purpose of creating the Gremon system was making the greenhouse-managing, and the tasks of supervisors easier and more manageable. Gremon is a greenhouse workflow monitoring, managing, and registry system, that guarantees a continuous communication between the Android based devices placed in the greenhouses and server application that is used in the office. This way there is no need for the supervisors to visit the greenhouses or make long phone calls to get information about their employees’ workflows or the greenhouses’ yields.

To monitor the hardware an extra Telemetria system was developed, that permanently observes the devices’ appropriate running and sends an alert of errors, increasing the system’s safety and reducing the time between the appearing and solving of errors.

R&D activity

  • M2M (Machine to Machine) communication, network and architecture related researches
  • Reference architecture related researches: how to effectively develop and maintain large, scalable and robust systems
  • Software developing productivity measurement related researches: how to develop a software effectively in general, how to measure processes, how to decrease the costs of software development and maintenance.

Already existing export markets (regions, countries)

Western Europe

New business sought (regions, countries)

Western Europe

Description of the cooperation requested

R&D project participation in Horizon2020 calls.

Type of cooperation

Subcontracting, outsourcing
Trade intermediary (agent, representative, distributor)

Description of the main advantage the company could offer to a potential partner

Software development services

Contact information

Address:6722 Szeged,
3 Gogol street
Telephone:+36 20 4845545
E-mail:To send enquiry Login / Register
Languages:Hungarian, English

Export contacts

Name:Tünde Pálinkó
Position:office manager
Mobile:+36 20 4845545
E-mail:To send enquiry Login / Register
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