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Company activities

Application development
Cloud computing solutions
Consultancy & training
Hardware manufacturing
M2M communications
Management & analytics
Telecom & infrastructure

Application areas

Media & communications

Year of establishment


Number of employees


Year of turnover data



1,500,000 €

Software sales revenue

1,000,000 €

Service sales revenue

500,000 €


10 %

Net export sales

150,000 €

Software export revenue

130,000 €

Service export revenue

20,000 €

Value of imports

10,000 €

Foreign capital ratio

0 %

VAT number


Aitia International Informatics, Inc.

Short introduction

Main fields: telecom services, intelligent applications, web services, speech recognition.

Company profile

The company has three divisions which deal with telecom services and signaling monitoring, intelligent applications and web services, as well as with automatic speech processing and recognition.

Description of main products, services, capabilities

Telecommunication Systems The scale of our products spread from signaling monitoring of whole telecom networks to the development of complex telecom services. Our highly reliable programs run on industrial PCs and our self developed, FPGA based circuit boards. Speech Recognition Our self developed automatic speech recognition programs facilitate new types of applications. E.g. verbal information query from computer systems, information retrieval from speech data bases or conversion of their contents to text, and even real time transcription of conversations in video or TV programs. Intelligent Applications and Web Services Our agent-based modeling and simulation system is used world-wide to study systems composed of numerous independent decision makers. In addition several applications have also been developed for mass data processing and for wearable sensor devices that include embedded intelligence.

Already existing export markets (regions, countries)

East Central Europe (V4)
Western Europe

Contact information

Address:1039 Budapest,
. Czetz János u. 48-50.
Telephone:+36 1 4538080
Telephone 2:+36 30 2971497
Fax:+36 1 4538081
E-mail:To send enquiry Login / Register

Export contacts

Name:Peter Tatai
Telephone:+36 30 2971497
E-mail:To send enquiry Login / Register
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