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Company activities

Application development
Consultancy & training
Telecom & infrastructure

Application areas

Banking & finance
Logistics & tranportation
Media & communications

Year of establishment


Number of employees


Year of turnover data



4,560,267 €

Software sales revenue

0 €

Service sales revenue

4,270,732 €


1 %

Net export sales

9,490 €

Software export revenue

0 €

Service export revenue

9,490 €

Value of imports

0 €

Foreign capital ratio

0 %

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Alerant Inc.

Short introduction

Alerant provides projects and open source networking solutions for next generation mobile services.



Company profile

Alerant Inc. is a significant member of the EE regional Telecommunication market, providing complete business solutions starting from establishing the necessary IT background for business processes, up to building up a full corporate IT infrastructure utilizing a comprehensive technology. Alerant’s core values are professionalism, flexibility, reliability and innovation. Alerant improved its competence and has implemented projects in several cloud computing and virtualization technologies in the past years. Recognition of its success in PaaS Alerant got the Oracle Partner Innovation Award in 2015. Our customers are large enterprises, mainly telecommunication companies where IT systems must be capable of adjusting to quickly changing requirements in an up-to-date manner. Our priority is to create solutions that fully comply with and utilize the latest technologies, while being reliable and secure. As a result of the success we have had our customer base is steadily expanding.¬†

Description of main products, services, capabilities

The blended services built with appNGIN combine “traditional” telecom services with new communication channels and formulate new revenue generating applications. It’s an eNGINe that helps to create, deploy, execute and manage new telecom services efficiently and effectively. appNGIN - as an extremely cost effective alternative for a traditional IN solution - can also be used to dramatically decrease the TCO of traditional IP or legacy SS7 based voice services. Push/SMS Switch Module helps Mobile operators in SMS revenue retention and speeding up a new revenue stream. It also provides better user experience, interaction and rich contents to deliver a new channel. Alerant IoT Platform reduces the time, cost, and risk required to build innovative and create amazing products and services and Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as the¬†popular bluetooth tracking device called x-Finder. Its end customers include DT, Vodafone, Telenor, Liberty Global, M-Tel, BHT.

Already existing export markets (regions, countries)

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
East Central Europe (V4)
Western Europe

New business sought (regions, countries)

East Central Europe (V4)
Western Europe
Far East

Description of the cooperation requested

Regional/partner for reselling Alerant’s products and service.

Type of cooperation

Reciprocal production

Description of the main advantage the company could offer to a potential partner

Excellent price/value, Near-shore model

Foreign branches (country, city)


Contact information

Address:1117 Budapest,
Infopark setany. 1.
Telephone:+36 1 2050055
Fax:+36 1 2050056
E-mail:To send enquiry Login / Register
Languages:English, German, Hungarian

Export contacts

Name:Daniel Marian
Position:Key Account/BID Manager
Telephone:+36 1 2050055
Mobile:+36 30 4780634
E-mail:To send enquiry Login / Register
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