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Company activities

Application development
Cloud computing solutions
Social & new media
Telecom & infrastructure
Mobile applications

Application areas

Art, design & fashion
Media & communications

Year of establishment


Number of employees


Year of turnover data



753,570 €

Software sales revenue

39,000 €

Service sales revenue

714,000 €

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Artklikk Ltd

Short introduction

Artklikk is an  R&D company, with main focus on mobile video streaming and recommendation.

Company profile

Since 2007 Artklikk has intensely been focusing on applied research and product development in mobile telephony. Owned by Hungarian entrepreneurs, an economist and an engineer, the company employs 25 people, of which 18 are highly skilled researchers and developers.

Artklikk is an active part of the European R&D ecosystem, participating in several R&D and product development projects with universities and other R&D companies.

Artklikk's main goal is to become an international key player in the mobile apps and services arena trough its innovative solutions.   

Description of main products, services, capabilities


Perfumance is a groundbreaking perfume recommendation app, a part of Artklikk's customer decision support system (CDSF). Perfumance lets users select the perfect fragrance based on personal preferences and provides perfume gift recommendations. As users test and rate new fragrances, they develop a Taste Profile and build a want list, which they can share via Facebook Connect.


ANGL is a live experience sharing app. You can broadcast your angle of reality and see others’ in real-time. You can join events and interact live. Report live from hot spots and attract audience.

With the ANGL web kit and a projector or a video wall events can boost their popularity. The ANGL interactive wall provides an interactive experience for the audience enabling them to send broadcasts directly to the event wall.

ANGL Mobile liveUP rtmp streaming library is a flexible and professional streaming solution for iOS and Android platforms. 


R&D activity

The main foci are:

- live video streaming from and to mobile phones

- GPU based video transcoding and processing using the mobile's GPU or GPU card

- Social recommendation systems

- Sentiment detection/natural language processing

- Mobile accessibility for the deaf


Already existing export markets (regions, countries)

Western Europe
    United Kingdom

Contact information

Address:1061 Budapest,
Paulay Ede utca 55.
Telephone:+36 1 2880172
Fax:+36 1 2380992
E-mail:To send enquiry Login / Register
Languages:Hungarian, English

Export contacts

Name:András Kövécs
Telephone:+36 1 2880172
E-mail:To send enquiry Login / Register
Name:László Nemes Dr
Position:R&D Director
Telephone:+36 1 2880172
E-mail:To send enquiry Login / Register
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